Welcome to The Long Ball’s Football Manager only site. This is a recent idea to try and separate the original site from the Football Manager stuff which seems to have taken over it. So now you can find all of the actual football stuff over on just The Long Ball and you can find all of our Football Manager stuff on The Long Ball FM as it’s been rather creatively entitled.

Fear not, all of the old Football Manager content from the regular old site is coming here so it’s all in one place. That means every Rangers update is here so you can relive the highs of our domestic brilliance and the deep European runs. It means every Football Manager story is here from the Liverpool team of 2024 to the journeyman story of how I went from winning the World Cup to Valencia via Buenos Aires and Korea. Plus, all of the Osasuna tales will be here – the mid-season slumps and the worship of Mohamed Yattara included. And (that’s right there’s more) there is plenty more exciting content to come in the future.

So be sure to follow this for all things FM and if you like reading about real-life football then head over to the regular site and fllow that too.



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