Salernitana Story Extra: Who Has A Future? (Part 2)

Welcome to another Salernitana Story Extra, where we will be taking another look at who has a future at the club as we look to get ruthless. Here we focus on the Under 20s with some loanees and notable names…

Just the 28 players to take a look at this time as our Under 20 squad ends up being the dumping ground for loanees and players too old for the U18s but not good enough to play in Serie B. They finished third in the league as well the season just gone so who is set for a future at Arechi?

Gennaro Amodio
Left Back, Italy

Very excited by young Gennaro but, with two top left backs in front of him, it looks like a loan move may be the best thing for his progression.

Joseph Appiah
Right Winger, Ghana

Salernitana’s youngest ever player, Appiah has plenty going for him moving forward and he’s fresh off a loan spell in Serie C with Pro Patria. He barely played but the experience was undoubtedly better than youth team football for him.

Francesco Barile
Left Winger, Italy

What a player this young man could be. I’ll be honest, I forgot he was around because he sat in the youth team but it may be time to get him into the first team. Rapid and with so much more to give.

Marco Caldana
Centre Back, Italy

Given a pro contract based on a coach report which was a silly choice. Most likely will be sold in the near future.

Omar Casini
Central Midfielder, Italy

He’s got some very good stats and a solid season in the Under 20s to his name. However, competition is stiff in midfield so a loan move will likely be the next port of call for Omar.

Giancarlo Deriu
Goalkeeper, Italy

Signed last summer from Arezzo as a punt, Deriu looks to be coming on nicely. Still some work until he’s first team level but certainly will stick around.

Paolo Di Marco
Left Back, Italy

Probably the third best young left back we have. May offer him a pro deal to then flip him for some more money this summer. If not, then a loan is most probable.

Ruben Fusco
Goalkeeper, Italy

May not develop into the best keeper ever but did well on his professional debut when we had a keeper injury crisis. Made the bench plenty times too and is the clear number three.

Daniele Gaggioli
Striker, Italy

Here’s a tough one. A year left on his contract and, while he’s got some talent, is it enough to convince me? Probably not. Ideally sell, probably loan then release.

Damiano Galassi
Attacking Midfielder, Italy

An even more difficult one this. Galassi has plenty potential and obvious talent but plays in a position we don’t use. He’s competent further forward or further back but I’m not wholly convinced. A loan move looks to be his future for now.

Corrado Golfo
Striker, Italy

Again, the talent is obvious but I’m not wholly convinced Golfo has it and, at 21, it’s better to make a buck now than waste more resources on him.

Fiorenzo Gravina
Right Winger, Italy

We have so many talented wingers that someone is going to end up falling through the cracks. That some looks like Gravina who will likely be loaned or sold this summer.

Marco Guglielmi
Centre Back, Italy

Will be released this summer.

Daniele Longo
Right Back, Italy

Impressed me enough to play back-up in the first team now with a senior pro on my expendable list.

Massimo Mazzini
Central Midfielder, Italy

A surprising loan departure last summer but certainly looks to be better off for it. Has something about him and another loan will let me re-evaluate next summer.

Julian Meta
Left Winger, Albania

Will keep for U20 squad depth but is certainly one who will be released if the opportunity arises.

Francesco Miccoli
Right Winger, Italy

His crossing is great. Everything else less so. Squad depth for the youth team but, like Meta, will be gone when he’s no longer needed.

Alberto Monaco
Goalkeeper, Italy

Don’t need him, not very good and will be released this summer.

Oreste Napolitano
Central Midfielder, Italy

I was surprised to see he had a non-promotion release fee in his contract so I’m going to test the water and see if I get a bit on it. If nothing, I’ll keep him around for another year of development.

Ciro Nico
Left Back, Italy

Someone show this young man the door please.

Andrea Oliveri
Striker, Italy

With Gaggioli and Golfo going, he may stick around to provide depth in the U20s. If not, then I will release Oliveri despite his decent DF stats.

Nicola Pagni
Left Back, Italy

He’s an OK player whose played three league games for me but, with his deal up and better left backs at the club, it’s bye bye to Pagni this summer.

Vittorio Pastena
Central Midfielder, Italy

He’s a decent youngster that I’ll give another year of development to but I imagine he will leave at the end of his contract next summer.

Gianfranco Pecora
Central Midfielder, Italy

Not actually pakora (I’m hilarious I know), I can’t imagine he will be around for too much longer.

Giuseppe Pucci
Centre Back, Italy

Will never make it in our first team but provides enough squad depth for the U20s just now.

Cristian Santamaria
Right Back, Italy

With Longo moving into the first team, it gives Santamaria a chance to play some games in the U20s. Likely will be shifted on at the end of his deal.

Alberto Schettino
Left Winger, Italy

Didn’t I say we had plenty of talented wingers? Schettino will either get a chance in the first team or be loaned out to develop some more.

Michele Vitale
Left Midfielder, Italy

While he’s had two impressive seasons on loan at Pro Patria, Vitale has never really fit my system ever. He’s not quite talented enough to play as a winger nor defensive enough to be a wing back so he’s kind of the odd man out at the club. Will be heartbreakingly sold or loaned out.

So, that wraps up that run through of my Under 20s. There are certainly some players here that I had forgotten about that have been given a new lease of life at the club and there are those that are on their way out now.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this. Is there anyone you think I’m over-hyping? Anyone that I should take a closer look at? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter (@LongBallFoot) or in the newly reopened Slack channel (#longballfoot).

Until next time…


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