Saving Bolton #2 – F**k This, It’s Impossible

We’ve taken a little detour from Osasuna to attempt to save Bolton but things at the Macron Stadium are not very good as it turns out…

In short, this idea was a bad one. An idiotic move. Truly awful. Hours wasted on a team that is simply nowhere near the required standard to even compete in League 2. To sum it up, Bolton had a mass exodus the previous summer  which included former Liverpool man Sergi Canos. He left on a free and joined PROMOTION CHASING LEAGUE ONE SIDE WIGAN! So, he was replaced by a bunch of horribly incompetent players from non-league. And I’m not talking Vanarama National. I’m talking Northern Premier and so forth.

Even with any tactical genius and clever use of my limited funds, the game manages to cut me off at every turn. Leads turn to defeats, every horrible defensive mistake that could happen has happened and the number of shots on target to goals scored by my opponents is too close together for it to be a coincidence.

I was told to avoid relegation but it was never on. 17 points in early December has turned to over 30 by the end of March. We have by far and away the lowest wage budget and net transfer spend and have been outclassed by the newly promoted sides as well. All of this despite having the largest stadium and the highest average attendance in the league. That CVA is crippling the club and now I’ve been told to get nine points from five games.

To show how impossible that task really is here’s a nice quiz question for you – how many points from my 18 games in charge have I won? I’ll give you a second…


This team is so awful they would still be bottom even without the twelve point deduction but my wonderful chairman seems to think that I should have made up the gap by now!

We are simply that bad
We are simply that bad

There have been a couple of positives. The four draws were all good performances and two should have been wins. We’ve taken some teams to the limit and my signing of striker James Rush from Scunthorpe and Spanish midfielder Miki in January helped us stay in games for a little longer. Oh, and Dutch goalkeeper Urbain Gross is a penalty saving machine. But those are the few bright sparks in what has been one of the most abject and downright infuriating Football Manager experiences of my life.

James Rush

So, I’ve decided to resign. I can’t take this any more. It’s not fun and highlights everything wrong with this game. I’m going to head back in time and reload my Osasuna save file where (slight spoiler) we’ve just hammered Barcelona 3-1.

If you would like to see me do any other side stories from this save then I am more than happy to do them as a separate series of posts. I will of course put out the question on Twitter and Tifo so let me know there.



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