Anywhere But Europe – Introduction

Welcome to The Long Ball FM’s first specific post for the new site and a new series as well – Anything But Europe. What is Anything But Europe? Let’s find out…

Everything kind of revolves around European football now doesn’t it? With the worldwide TV deals and the big money competitions and the luster of most of the world’s biggest clubs, the other continents have little scope to compete on the mass market appeal of European football. Factor in the insane amounts of cash floating around European clubs as well and, consequently, the ability to hoover up the best talent from around the world and you see why European football really is king.

It’s mainstream to its core. It’s the bright lights, the fast cars, the money, the glamour and the easy way out. Which is why I’m going to be that guy and shun the entire continent. I’m going to take my managerial talents anywhere else in the world but Europe. I could end up in India trying to make a mark in a country where cricket and The Great Khali are king. I could end up in China with Jackson Martinez, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Nenad Milijas. I could even end up in Colombia hanging out with a T-Rex who happens to be ex-Newcastle striker Tino Asprilla.

The question is where will I end up? You’ll have to find out in the next part…


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